Don't Be Fooled By Imitations!
Lightweight, Kink-Free, and Stronger Than Ever
XHOSE® Pro Extreme™ is Built to Last!
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The XHOSE® Pro Extreme™ Is Better Than Ever! Here's Why...
2-in-1 Design features a tough expandable inner hose covered with a thicker, heavy-duty outer webbing for reliable, long-lasting use.
Durable Improvements include brass fittings with a leak resistance connection, thicker and more durable outer webbing and a stabilizer collar for strain relief.
Created For Convenience, the patented design prevents the hose from twisting, tangling, or kinking as it expands and contracts with water.
XHOSE® Pro Extreme™ Weighs ONLY 1 POUND, so it’s lighter and more maneuverable than other hoses, letting you move and work without back-breaking pulling or winding. Expands up to 3x its length, and automatically retracts for quick and easy storage!

XHOSE® Pro Extreme™ Works Even if You Tie it in Knots!
The amazing kink-free exterior design ensures that water flows through without a problem every time. Watering plants and washing your car has never been easier! Use the FREE EXTREME JET NOZZLE for a powerful, high-velocity stream that lets you blast weeds and mold, sweep debris from your driveway, and more!

Now Available in 2 Sizes!
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*Just Pay Separate P&H limit of one (1) XTREME JET NOZZLE per order