XHOSE: Deal or Dud?

My next door neighbor recently ordered six flexible hoses that he thought would be convenient and helpful. Yes, that’s what he THOUGHT. What actually happened though was something quite the opposite. Those expanding garden hoses of his kept breaking. All six of them.

That’s when I offered him the XHOSE Pro, the original expanding hose. With all the work my neighbor does outside, I thought if anyone could benefit from the XHOSE Pro, it would be him.

Lo and behold, I was right! My neighbor (and his wife) LOVES the XHOSE Pro! They are upset that the knock-off versions all broke and they wasted all that money, but they love the XHOSE Pro and what it does for them.

My neighbor isn’t the only one who loves the XHOSE though. See why this nursery owner in Dallas, TX, loves the XHOSE too. With thousands of plants to water every day, I’m sure he’s happy to have discovered the XHOSE to make life easier.

32 thoughts on “XHOSE: Deal or Dud?

  1. I purchased a 50ft. Hose in march 2013 the plastic end has cracked and can no longer use hose. Walmart will not make good on it because it is over 90 days old .we paid 39.88 plus 7 % tax how can we get replacement or new hose clamp?

    • We’re sorry that you are having trouble with your hose, Shirley. Please call us at 203-852-0024 so we can help you.

  2. In Aug of 2012 we ordered a 50′ and a 25′ X-Hose. Put it up each time we used it. Put it away after draining it for the winter. After using it for 5 months this spring it blew up. Never mistreated it or left it under pressure. When they first came out they were quite expenesive. Now we can’t find out if there is any warranty. No place on the web to contact customer service!!!

    • John, I’m sorry you have had trouble with your hose and have been unable to reach us. Please call us at 203-852-0024 for assistance.

  3. I filled out all of the info to order only to have it voided because your website updated. I placed the order the 2nd time and when it totaled it gave the price of the hose, S&H, S&H, AND HANDLING: $8.95. I reviewed your site and it always indicated the price of the hose + S&H AND S&H for the additional hose. When I went to contact you, there was not an email address other than this one. Please make sure my order was not placed. What happens to the credit card info?

    • Hi Ronald,

      We just sent you an email with detailed information. Please review the email and let us know if you have any questions.


  4. A reporter did a Plastic fitting against plastic fitting pocket hose type hose’s. HELLO could have shown a step up for REAL PEOPLE not interested in same old same old. .Plastic

    THE DAP HOSE PRO BRASS FITTINGS. Is THE ONE YOU WANT. I contacted the company to question them using the name DAP and it is the DAP company we know with Caulk etc.


    The Green pocket hose IS GARBAGE should be fined for such trash being sold.Consumers Affairs really let this get past them. Letting the company make millions of dollars on their pocket hose garbage.

    ……………………YOU WANT DAP PRO below

    The Black Hose one with BRASS FITTINGS It offers buy one get 1 free plus shipping as usual.
    . I put one out back for Garden One out front for the Birds and Flowers. The Black Hose Pro is worth every penny REMEMBER BRASS FITTINGS. The pro is worth every penny.

    Light weight no wrestling, remember NOT TO TURN water on FULL FULL You do not need to. Turning on Full Full is not going to make the hose work any better. It works fine with a normal just turn it on>>NOT FULL BORE!!!

    Actually My water Bill even showed a savings of a few bucks. I guess the FULL bore from the normal hose water with run off when watering things.

    I sound like I work for this company. I DO NOT. I actually was angry with them because it took to so long to receive it and let them know it. BUT now that I have it it is WELL WELL worth the wait….

    • We’re sorry you had to wait to receive your XHOSE Pro but we are so glad you think it’s worth the wait. You’re right, Valerie, the XHOSE Pro is backed by the popular DAP name and offers brass fittings as just one of the upgrades to other expandable hoses. The XHOSE Pro is also made from a stronger material, features a more powerful spray, and can withstand water pressure of 250 PSI. We hope you continue loving our product!

  5. I purchased the green flexible hoses and the one got leaks within a couple weeks. I called and they replaced it and the replacement had a leak right away and the fittings leaked also. I want to get a lifetime guarantee hose and I thought the Zap black hoses had that but I do not see it on the website. Please let me know if they do have a lifetime guarantee. I love the hoses but if they break or leak, it is not an asset but a pain.

    • Hi Cindy, we’re sorry but the lifetime guarantee is no longer available. However, the DAP XHOSE Pro has several enhanced quality features not found in other expandable hoses, including solid brass fittings and stronger, more durable materials and construction. The XHOSE Pro is also backed by a 90 day guarantee.

  6. I bought a 25′ Xhose with an additional free one. One of the hoses arrived leaking from both ends. That, from a statistical point of view, is a 50% failure rate. So I opted not to send the bad one back and determined how to repair it. The valve end can be loosened with two wrenches and with the sleeve slid back the internal rubber hose is exposed and the leak point was determined to be at the end of the internal nozzle. Removing the slotted plastic crimper followed by pulling the hose off the nozzle, cutting about an inch off the end of the hose, and reinstalling solved the problem at that end. The other end called for a 5/8″ Allen Wrench that is almost impossible to find. I bought a piece of 1/8 X 3/4 steel from Home Depot and ground it down to 1/8 x 5/8. Using that as a wrench I repeated the process used at the other end of the hose. The bad hose is now good.

    As a precaution it appears that the vulnerability in these hoses is at then end of the internal brass nozzle at both ends. It is unwise to allow the hose to bend too much at either end as that stresses the rubber hose to the point of cracking. Otherwise these appear to be good products.

    • Hi Raymond, it sounds like you are quite the engineer! I’m sorry you had issues with one of your hoses but we’re happy you were able to work it out. Please contact us if you have any other issues or questions.

  7. I just bought a xhose pro and the hose exploded when watering plants. I do I get a refund or new house

    • We’re sorry that you are having trouble with your hose. Please call us at (203) 852-0024 for assistance.

  8. Totally frustrated with the green hose breakage rate. Great idea; terrible implementation. Can you give more detail on exactly how the materials in your black hose differ from that of the green ones?

    • Hi Larry,

      The XHOSE Pro is an upgraded, professional version of the expandable garden hose. The inner hose on the XHOSE Pro is made from natural latex rubber. Natural latex rubber is higher quality and more durable than the synthetic inner tubing that many other expandable hoses use. Also, the XHOSE outer webbing is made from super strong polyester material while many of the other expandable hoses use lower quality, weaker polypropylene materials for their outer webbing. We hope you’ll agree that this is a better implementation than you’ve experienced with the other hoses. If you would like to try the XHOSE Pro, it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

  9. I was getting ready to order, but thought I should check the reviews first. Sounds like a perfect hose, but after seeing the reviews, I think I’ll pass. The green one had plastic that broke. Ok, so make a new one with brass fittings. Now the black one leaks or blows up and one on another site said it kinks. Customers seem to have a hard time contacting X Pro Hose and takes months to receive the product. Too many proto types. I’m disappointed because I really wanted them.

    • Rosemary, the expandable hose is a relatively new invention. The XHOSE is the original expandable hose and we have been continually improving the design, including the debut of the XHOSE Pro last spring. The XHOSE Pro has brass fittings, as you noted, and a wider inner hose for a more powerful spray. It is also kink-free. Plus, we do our best to satisfy each customer. The XHOSE Pro has a minimal failure rate and, on the off chance you were to receive a defective XHOSE, we would be happy to replace it for you. We hope you’ll consider giving the XHOSE Pro a try!

    • Bill, the XHOSE Pro units keep improving and have an exceptionally low failure rate. If you order an XHOSE Pro and it doesn’t work for you, we would be happy to replace it for you. We hope you’ll give XHOSE a try!

  10. I was reading about the Xhose Pro with the DAP backing and brass fittings after seeing a TV commercial. Went to the Amazon site and all of the reviews are very negative, all of them one star and one person wanting to give it zero stars. If this is so bad, how can the company survive, make commercials and continue to replace the defective units. Something is wrong very wrong here.

    • Greg, the XHOSE Pro is a fairly new product and undergoes constant changes and improvements to be the best garden hose possible. XHOSE has a very low failure rate but some people have received defective hoses. We are glad to replace those hoses with new hoses to meet each customer’s needs. Of the people I know with an XHOSE Pro, it’s a big hit and makes yard work, gardening, and cleanup easier and we hope you’ll give it a try to see what so many people love about the XHOSE Pro.

  11. I tried to order on line but it says the web site has changed I have to delete cookies….well I don’t want to do
    that because I order from other sites as well…………….
    This problem caused me to check out the blog and I guess i don’t want it after all….seems people are are
    not impressed!

    • Priscilla, there are thousands of people who have an XHOSE and love what it does and how it works! Out of all the people who have received an XHOSE, a very small percentage have received defective units which we then replace for them. We suggest you try the upgraded XHOSE Pro and if you don’t like it for some reason, feel free to send it back within 90 days for the money back guarantee. We hope you’ll give it a try!

  12. Purchased the 50ft XHose Pro a short time ago to use in our horse barn. At first we loved the hoses. They are light weight and easy to store in cold weather to prevent freezing which is one of the reasons we got them. We had used the hoses for less than a month and both hoses blew the inner core from the brass fittings. They are a great idea, but poorly connected to the valves. Wouldn’t recommend them.

    • Nancy, we’re happy to hear that you love the XHOSE units that you received and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of having them burst. There are two options that we can offer you: 1. You can use the money back guarantee – today you are on day 90 of your 90 day money back guarantee, or 2. We can send you a replacement hose for the one that you purchased. Either way, please call (203) 852-0024 with whatever decision you choose. We hope you consider accepting the replacement hose so you can get right back to work in your horse barn!

  13. Can you tell me why the hoses have a tendency to blow up? What do you have to do to keep that from happening?

    • The XHOSE Pro has been tested to withstand pressures of up to 250 PSI, roughly 4 times more water pressure than what is dispensed through the average household’s spigot. We are doing everything possible to quality control the XHOSE and will continue our diligent effort to obtain perfection.

      Something even more important to note, given how successful the XHOSE and XHOSE Pro have become, there has literally been hundreds of thousands of knockoff, fake, counterfeit hoses flooding the market. Unfortunately, to the average consumer, they think they are buying our official XHOSE when in fact they are really buying a cheap imitation hose. We stand behind every XHOSE sold through our TV commercial and our website, http://www.xhose.com. We hope that you, and anyone else reading this post, will be willing to give our official XHOSE a try. If for any reason you are not as satisfied as we are with the XHOSE, you can return it within 90 days for a refund.

    • I think that in order to drain the hoses so we didn’t have water in our aisle we pulled them out straight and then turned the water off. They would shrink up, but not all the way. Once the water was drained we let them spring back. I do believe that the connection to the valves is not very secure to the liner hose. They felt very flimsy at that point.

      • All you have to do to drain the hose is turn off the spigot and turn the switch on the hose so the water is released. This will cause the XHOSE to shrink back to its original size. When the XHOSE shrinks, it will be extremely lightweight and flexible especially because there is no water in it which might be why you thought it felt flimsy.

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